Some things to remember when making your next furniture purchase.

As with most aspects in life, considerable planning is essential when making a furniture purchase. The task of choosing the right style, color, durability, comfort, size and cost can be quite intimidating. Below you will find some helpful tips to consider when browsing the internet or strolling through your neighborhood furniture store in search of the perfect items. As a suggestion, to make the project less daunting, grab a scratch piece of paper and begin by sketching the room you wish to start with. A rough draft that you will refine over time will help organize your thoughts and opinions on which direction you want to take within your home.

1. Size – As mentioned above, creating a drawing of your target room will assist in visualizing the best use of your available space. Look at the layout of the room and be sure to include measurements of each wall, windows, doors, walkways, fireplaces, and any other permanent fixtures such as columns or floor vents. T

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